64 Reasons Why

I like the way your eyes get wide with excitement when they meet mine

I like when you say “oh my goodness” in that little voice of yours

I like your little “hehee” giggle

I like how you look at me and subtly nod your head when you want me to kiss you

I like it when you hang on to my arm

I love when I catch you in awe with appreciation for the world around you

I like it when you French inhale

I love the cute way you stand with your feet turned in

I like the look on your face when you’re deep in thought

I like it when you ask me what color you should wear

I like to watch you light the jay you rolled

I love it when you look up at me when we walk with my arm around your shoulder

I like it when you scratch me

I like how you’re predictably unpredictable

I like it when you grab my arm around you tighter when we’re cuddling in bed

I like waking up to you

I like going to sleep next to you

I love it when you surprise me

I love the books you recommend for me

I like it when you introduce me to good music

I love the way you move when seduction is your plan

I love it when you laugh really hard

I like your butterfly tattoo

I like your hidden piercing

I love your cute little smile

I love your fingernails with the chipped paint

I love the sound of your voice

I love it when you sing to me

I love your beautiful green eyes

I love the way you look in candlelight

I like it when you text me playfully dirty things amongst a group of friends

I love it when you tell me what you want

I love how generous you are

I love how you’re always trying to be the best version of yourself

I like how you insist that we should walk

I like it when you say “we should get dessert”

I love your sense of adventure and spontaneity

I like it when you put your hair in a ponytail

I like how you’re always down for Netflix and takeout

I like how you say “that’s OD”

I like your tough little rebellious side

I like how you get me to try new things

I love your passion for good food and wine

I love the way you touch me

I love the way you kiss me

I love you for kissing me in the rain

I love that little girl voice that you only use when we’re alone

I love the conversations we can have with just our eyes

I like it when you leave your clothes at my place

I like it when you wear my shirts

I love it when you give them back and they smell like you

I love how much you love your family

I love it when you laugh at yourself and say “I’m the worst”

I like it when you insist that I use the hemp wick because it’s healthier

I like how we always choose the bottle over the glass

I love how I can tell you anything

I love when you tell me how comfortable you are with me

I love how simple everything is with you

I love how wise you are

I love how open minded you are

I love how much you love life

I love your beautiful soul

I love it when we’re laying in bed

You cocooned in my arms

Our legs tangled together

And you look up at me with those gorgeous eyes

And ask me the question you already know the answer to

Just because you want to hear me say it again

“Why do you love me?”


I love your tattoos

The stories they tell

The engraved histories on your sweet skin

I like to trace them with my fingers and tongue

Plant kisses over every inch of you

And bask in the sweet blossoms of young love

I like running my fingers through your hair

Then down your neck and back

Seeing goosebumps rise up on your skin

When my fingertips make contact

Then pressing my hands flat and wide on your surface

Our bodies trading heat

Caressing every curve of you

And sparks when our eyes meet

I love it when you close your eyes

And squeeze my arms real tight

Our bodies seem to tessellate

A perfect match alright

I rest my head on your smooth chest

And hear your heartbeat race

I feel your chest heave up and down

while lost in your embrace

The sweat is ours, not mine or yours

And yes, it smells so sweet

And I live for the static shock I get

Whenever our lips meet

I just cant leave your hands alone

I just cant keep mine still

The spaces between your fingers

Seem simply made for mine to fill

I love to hold your hands in bed

And look into your eyes

Then raise them up above your head

And slide mine to your thighs

I love the way you exhale slow

I love it when you pant

I love it when you scream and moan

And tell me that you cant

I love it when you pull my hair

And grab and scratch my back

I love it when our love feels more

Like mutual attack

I love it when your head tilts back

With your mouth open wide

Then shut your eyes tight, hold your breath

And feel me slip inside

I love it when you bite my lip

And breathe into my mouth

Your warm exhale sedates my grip

And now I focus south

I feel you clench, I feel you squirm

I feel you push and wrestle and turn

I hold you close and now you know

A lit match must surely burn

You lit me up, excited me so

So you must be punished

That much you know

I’ll ravish you up from head to toe

Then kiss you, and love you, and say I told you so.

Short & Sweet

I’ll write you something short and sweet

Because simple is good, it’s true

I’ve never been the best with words

But I’ll spill a few for you

Today I wandered near and far and often in circles too

It’s nice to have an easy day

With not a thing to do

I spent the day in Central Park

And daydreamed all day long

I followed every curving path

Today there was no wrong

I rolled myself out on the green

And rolled myself a green

I sparked her, burnt her, closed my eyes

And thought of all I’d seen

Eternities later I sat in awe

And wondered what it means

That the days which make real life the best

Are the days that feel like dreams.

The Girl

Sometimes you meet a person that will make you feel a feeling

The certain kind of feeling

Tonight I realized that that girl was sitting right across from me

Never can I remember being attracted to someone so instantaneously

Everything of her

Her smile. Her Intellect. And her eyes.

Oh God, her eyes.

Such large pupils could have one staring into eternity forever

At any rate, I was lost

I couldn’t find words

I felt stupid. I felt dumbfounded

This isn’t the normal effect

Why does she captivate me so?

Why do I want to hold her?

Why do I know that I’ll dream of those lips tonight?

Whispering sweet nothings or simple secrets into my consciousness

That I might one day taste those kissable lips

This one is special

I can feel it. Special.

My heart never races this way.

I’ve never felt the need to impress like this before

I try hard to ignore it because I want her to know the real me, not the me that’s lovestruck

That’s silly, I don’t believe in love at first sight

But I do believe in this feeling I’m feeling right now

And I know its worth chasing

I know I want more

More of her time

More of her mind

More of her dreams

More of her body

More of her spirit

More of her love

I feel so intensely that I know her

I feel like we’ve been good friends or childhood lovers

In another life

In another dream

Oh her eyes

I just can’t forget them

She probably thinks I’m rude or creepy for staring

But I cling to her words

I grasp them before they’ve left her lips

Begging for more

Begging to hear her thoughts

Eager to hear the sound of her voice

Thrilled to see those lips move

Is it bold to ask to kiss her?

Is it bad that I want this so soon?

Do I need to know more before wanting to kiss someone?

Is it wrong if I feel like I already know all that I need to know?

I know her energy

I know how I react to her

And for right here and right now, it’s enough

It’s more than enough.

Free to Love You

I can’t make promises for the future because that would be irresponsible. Tomorrow is a different day and I will be a different person. I can’t make promises on behalf of the man I have not yet become. But I can promise you tonight. Here and now. And you can stay with me and live ferociously in the moment or you could worry about tomorrow. But if you wake every morning and I am still there, then you’ll know that I love you. Not because I am bound by a promise, but because I am free to leave yet I choose to stay.


Why am I here? What is this? Where am I? What is this place? Who am I in relation to it? Is there anyone who hasn’t looked up at the night sky and wondered these types of existential questions at one point? Not that it necessarily matters. I’m content. I’m happy. I just cant help but to wonder sometimes… is that what its all about? Being happy? Is our existence nothing more than a big chunk of time that we need to figure out how to effectively spend in order to maximize happiness? That doesn’t necessarily bother me if that’s the case. I’m pretty in touch with my feelings and I know what makes me happy. Bullshit. I have no idea what makes me happy other than the obvious shit like ice cream. Who does really? Isn’t there something else I can be doing other than just searching for happiness? I’m not sure how to put energy towards something so abstract. I need a task. A project. Something to engage me. Something to keep my mind from wandering. Because when my mind wanders I tend to get lost. And for someone who was never good at following the breadcrumbs, finding the way home is always a pain in the ass.

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