Who Are You?

When you strip it all away?

Who were you before the world got it’s hands on you?

What do you have the potential to be if not limited by a culture, tradition, idea or belief system but rather inspired by the diversity and richness of all of them?

Who are you when you stop reciting your own story to yourself?

Who are you in this current breath as your past and your past identity melt away?

Who are you in this current breath as even your future dreams and ambitions melt away?

Who are you when you find stillness, silence, presence and solitude?

You are now as you have never been before and will never be again.

Embrace it.

Then let it go.

Because that’s just the ego.

And this is what I believe.

You are not your ego.

Not your body or your thoughts or ideas.

You are something much grander.

Much wiser.

You are the infinite.

The essence of you is that which remains constant and unchanged.

It’s not your body, your experiences or even your thoughts.

It’s the silent observer and witness to all that you do.

It’s pure awareness.

You are conscious.

YOU are consciousness.

That’s the most peculiar thing about you.

You aren’t just you.

You are all of it. All of us.

You are the universe doing it’s thing

Only limited by the perception of you.

Quite the paradox no?

But if you want to get to the heart of you, start with detachment.

You are there waiting to welcome yourself home once you’ve let it all go.

You are it. We are it.

And we are cradled in eternal harmony & flow.

We vibe in a sea of energy that knows no bounds of time and space.

We are expressions of the universe;

wondrous mechanisms for the universe to witness and build itself.

We are always happening.

We are not separate from the Creator and so we must not seek God outside of ourselves. The very consciousness that allows you to ponder God IS God. Search over.

We are the singular soul of creation and timeless source energy shining out of millions of antennas we call bodies. We are one. One only need to meditate to feel this sacred connection. And what makes life beautiful and fascinating is how differently we have all found ways to express the soul of the universe. ☯️♥️✨

Author: Rami Shafi


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