My Rhyme

Maybe I’m running

Or just standing still

Or waiting to be happy

Until just until

My perfect dream life

With its perfect conditions

That trap me

A slave to these endless ambitions

I want to be great

And I want to be free

I want to be

Extraordinarily me

I don’t need no strings

But I do need some love

But I’m hurting

I’m hurting

And it ruins my rhyme

Throws of my rhythm

And just wastes my time

I want to be open

I want to just fall

But the hurt that I’ve felt

I don’t want that at all

But this isn’t me

I’m no coward. I’m bold

I don’t want to be jaded

Or cynical. Cold

I want to make use

Of this life on blue dot

To get all the goodness

And give all I’ve got

To not be afraid

Most of all with my heart

To know that each day

Is a new chance to start

To go

And let go

And let be what will be

Forget these conditions

Expectations. Be free

To wander and roam

And to grasp what is real

To discover the knows

And to feel all the feels

I want to dive in

I want to say yes

I want to keep giving

And get what I’ll get

I want to shine bright

No matter what shade

So at least I am seen

For the time that I’m stayed

To be an example

A hero. A warning.

A lesson. Inspiration.

Sensation or mourning

To be who I am

And to be seen for that

To grow as I will

And to never look back

Freedom is all

That I truly desire

Freedom ignites me

And love fuels my fire

I want just want

To just be at peace

To keep it all simple

For this life that I lease

To actively choose

To enjoy all my time

And just like that

Rediscover my rhyme.

Author: Rami Shafi

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