Found Connection

Thank you stranger for inspiring me

And driving me a little crazy

I wouldn’t call it a missed connection

That was all it needed to be

A moment of subtle contact

We didn’t say a word

Didn’t even look into each other’s eyes until that last moment

And yet you drove me wild just a moment

You sat down on those tight subway seats

Right next to me on a packed car

I felt the side of your arm against mine

It was warm

Bare skin on skin

I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable

But I loved the contact

I would let you decide

I waited and you didn’t move

The train shifted and we fell apart

Then you came back closer

Pressed tighter

I see you slightly turn your head

I catch you staring at my arms

I want to know everything about you

But I also love knowing nothing

I wonder what you’re thinking

I like your gold nail polish

I brave a solid sideways glance

You’re beautiful

I want to touch more of you

A thought that remains a thought

I wonder what you’re thinking

I wonder if you enjoy this anonymous contact as much as I do

The touching of a strangers skin

A subtle intimate connection

I start to feel nuts

Is this special moment all in my head?

And just then you reach your stop

You stand

You look me right in the eyes and smile

A small secretive smile

Maybe you’re blushing?

I’m flushed

Frozen before I remember to smile back

You keep holding that gaze

I couldn’t look away if I wanted to

Locked in our second contact now

Until you pass through the doors

Now you’re lost

I’m tempted to turn and find you again

Through the window

But I don’t

I let you go

And I’m grateful

Connection found.

Author: Rami Shafi

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