We Are

Sometimes I dream that we could be forever

Two rhythmic energies of the same wavelength

Catching each other

Cradling and caressing one another

We are.

All that ever was and all that ever will be.

I imagine the fiery energy flowing through our veins

Waiting a lifetime to escape.

Pressurized and captive in our vessels.

Weighed down by the mass. The flesh, blood, and bone.

We pass and transform.

Bursts. Fireworks.

A universe revealed as our flames intertwine.

Soaring. Expanding. Infinite.

And we dance like we’ve never danced before

We are electric.

Exploring. Feeling. Sensations. Stimulation.

The physical touch. The mental touch. The emotional touch.

Overload, ecstasy. Perfections. And Harmony.

Our borders and boundaries a thing of the past

A paradox in our timeless universe.

We are meshing forces.

Two entities indistinguishable as separate

We speed and fly and explode, into and out of one another.

Losing pieces of ourselves to each other until we forget who is who

We become singular. Making love redefined.

We are spiritual volcanoes roaming the cosmos

We are electric.

Conscious forces. Living electromagnets.

We pulse.

We are indescribable.

Author: Rami Shafi


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