The River of Life

The river of life is a swift and beautiful thing
Forever flowing and constantly changing course
We may try to crane our necks to see the end
But it’s futile
The waters will guide you this way and that as it does everyone else
No one can change course or fight their current
Some people come in and out of your life
Gone before you realize their effects
But they will leave their fingerprints on your soul
They leave beautiful stains
Claiming parts of your heart that you will never get back
These are the people that you remember when that song comes on
When you see something that you know they would love
Suddenly the world is filled with reminders of them
And you can’t help but smile
You know them, you feel them, and by god do you love them
Even if you never quite understood them
Even if things didn’t work out the way you wanted them to
Even if the river met a fork
Loving someone isn’t easy
But it’s always worth it
I’m a collector of memories and the sweetest of my treasures are the simple moments of comfort with the special somebodies I have come to know
People who in time will leave this earth and be forgotten
People who like me will one day have their name spoken for the very last time
But some of these people mean the world to me
Here and now they have a profound effect on  at least one person
And for that they are everything
Maybe not to everyone
Maybe not to the pages of history
But for me
And I just want them to know
I want to grab them and scream my love from rooftops
It deserves more
More than I can give
More than I perhaps know how to give
But by god I’ll try
Every day and every night I want to let these people know how much I care
How they have affected me
How very beautiful they are
Why they are important
Everyone wants to make a difference
Everyone wants to change the world
Well darling, I believe in you
But again, even if you never change it for everyone else
You changed it for me
And it means everything
And I wouldn’t trade it
I wouldn’t change it
Not even for the better
I want to remember it as it was
Loving it for how it was
Loving you for how beautiful you are
How powerful you are
How fleeting it all is
And lucky we both were for having once flowed in the same stream

Author: Rami Shafi

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