The Girl

Sometimes you meet a person that will make you feel a feeling

The certain kind of feeling

Tonight I realized that that girl was sitting right across from me

Never can I remember being attracted to someone so instantaneously

Everything of her

Her smile. Her Intellect. And her eyes.

Oh God, her eyes.

Such large pupils could have one staring into eternity forever

At any rate, I was lost

I couldn’t find words

I felt stupid. I felt dumbfounded

This isn’t the normal effect

Why does she captivate me so?

Why do I want to hold her?

Why do I know that I’ll dream of those lips tonight?

Whispering sweet nothings or simple secrets into my consciousness

That I might one day taste those kissable lips

This one is special

I can feel it. Special.

My heart never races this way.

I’ve never felt the need to impress like this before

I try hard to ignore it because I want her to know the real me, not the me that’s lovestruck

That’s silly, I don’t believe in love at first sight

But I do believe in this feeling I’m feeling right now

And I know its worth chasing

I know I want more

More of her time

More of her mind

More of her dreams

More of her body

More of her spirit

More of her love

I feel so intensely that I know her

I feel like we’ve been good friends or childhood lovers

In another life

In another dream

Oh her eyes

I just can’t forget them

She probably thinks I’m rude or creepy for staring

But I cling to her words

I grasp them before they’ve left her lips

Begging for more

Begging to hear her thoughts

Eager to hear the sound of her voice

Thrilled to see those lips move

Is it bold to ask to kiss her?

Is it bad that I want this so soon?

Do I need to know more before wanting to kiss someone?

Is it wrong if I feel like I already know all that I need to know?

I know her energy

I know how I react to her

And for right here and right now, it’s enough

It’s more than enough.

Author: Rami Shafi

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