I love your tattoos

The stories they tell

The engraved histories on your sweet skin

I like to trace them with my fingers and tongue

Plant kisses over every inch of you

And bask in the sweet blossoms of young love

I like running my fingers through your hair

Then down your neck and back

Seeing goosebumps rise up on your skin

When my fingertips make contact

Then pressing my hands flat and wide on your surface

Our bodies trading heat

Caressing every curve of you

And sparks when our eyes meet

I love it when you close your eyes

And squeeze my arms real tight

Our bodies seem to tessellate

A perfect match alright

I rest my head on your smooth chest

And hear your heartbeat race

I feel your chest heave up and down

while lost in your embrace

The sweat is ours, not mine or yours

And yes, it smells so sweet

And I live for the static shock I get

Whenever our lips meet

I just cant leave your hands alone

I just cant keep mine still

The spaces between your fingers

Seem simply made for mine to fill

I love to hold your hands in bed

And look into your eyes

Then raise them up above your head

And slide mine to your thighs

I love the way you exhale slow

I love it when you pant

I love it when you scream and moan

And tell me that you cant

I love it when you pull my hair

And grab and scratch my back

I love it when our love feels more

Like mutual attack

I love it when your head tilts back

With your mouth open wide

Then shut your eyes tight, hold your breath

And feel me slip inside

I love it when you bite my lip

And breathe into my mouth

Your warm exhale sedates my grip

And now I focus south

I feel you clench, I feel you squirm

I feel you push and wrestle and turn

I hold you close and now you know

A lit match must surely burn

You lit me up, excited me so

So you must be punished

That much you know

I’ll ravish you up from head to toe

Then kiss you, and love you, and say I told you so.

Author: Rami Shafi

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