Ride that Wave


Ride that wave child
Journey on
Because life is grand
But life’s not long
Feel what you can feel
To it’s greatest extent
and find pleasure in the feelings
For a life well spent
Exhaust your emotions
On all that is good
And may you never be hurt
Though I won’t knock on wood
Cause the wood here is useless
Since hurt you will be
It will happen to you
It will happen to me
So what must we do
When with pain we are faced?
We must remain strong and centered
And respond well with grace
For it is our character
We build in this way
In how we act and respond
And we live day by day
So don’t let it sadden you
Please don’t you fret
Over rough seas ahead
Because I think you forget
A storm brings a rainbow
Perhaps a pot of gold
But you will never find it
If you stay in from the cold
Take risks!
Because the biggest
is not taking one at all
If you box yourself up
Or “guard” yourself with a wall
Love honest and true
And above all, love hard
Look at your hand
And then play your card
But don’t quit the game
And try not to fold
There’s a lesson in poker
That needs to be told
You can fold and play safe
But safe will never win
Instead just play smart
And know when to go all in
Let intuition guide you
So you can ride that wave
And don’t second guess
Once you’re on it, be brave
Ride the hell out of your wave
And of many waves to come
Find your heart in those waves
And your soul in the sun
Know why you ride
So that you can ride on
Figure out what’s important
And then write your song
Sing it loud and in the open
For all ears to hear
For this is your memoir
You saying “I’m here”
So ride that wave child
And when you ride sing your song
It may not be perfect
But it will never be wrong
You’ll be pleasantly surprised
When the world sings along.

Author: Rami Shafi


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