“Remember When We Were In Love”


Do you think there will ever be a day when we sit side by side overlooking something beautiful
And one of us says to the other with a smile
“Do you remember when we were in love?”
And we’ll reminisce of days long past in our youth
And we’ll laugh at how crazy we were
And we’ll ponder how naive we were
And we’ll treasure what we had then because it was real
And perhaps even more precious because it was fleeting
Sometimes the most beautiful things in life are fleeting
From the majesty of a passing comet
To the simplicity of a snowflake on the skin
You just have to keep your eyes open
don’t blink when the comet passes or you’ll miss it
That would be the real shame
and don’t be upset when the snow melts
You can’t be angry at the snowflake for melting
That’s just the way it is.
Instead be glad that you caught one.
It was unique
But more beautiful snowflakes float down from the heavens towards us
We will have done well to learn to keep our heads up and our hands outstretched by that point
Maybe on that day we will have both caught ourselves new snowflakes
I can see myself being happy for you on that day
But today it still makes me a bit jealous
I guess that’s because I’m still a little bit in love with you
As little bit as love can be
Perhaps I’m still crazy about you
But I’m trying hard to move past it
Today, for the first time, I thought of us
Years from now. Sitting side by side
Enjoying each other’s company without having to gaze deeply into each other’s eyes
Perhaps watching a sunset.
Or maybe waiting to catch a glimpse of that passing comet.
And it was okay actually, it was nice
And it made me smile
I’d be happy to see you happy and healthy and doing well
And I’d be happy to be your friend

Author: Rami Shafi


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