Open Water

In open water

Drifting over deep blue

Watching the rolling waves

In their seemingly unstructured chaos

Yet making all the sense in the world

A perfect harmony of relativity

Still following a set of rules

Natural laws

No effect without a cause

And me

Seemingly insignificant in the vastness

Wondering what I’m an effect of

And what cause I’m a part of

Fumbling through life

Lost yet driven

Directionless yet passionate

Fueled by a purpose to unite

To spread joy

To share inspiration

To overcome differences

Better yet, to celebrate them. Value  them

Because there is no difference to which there is no bridge

Try though some might to detach and isolate

To feel exclusive or superior

We are the same

Always more connected than separated

Fighting for a false sense of self

Yet only mere reflections

We are the universal consciousness

Experiencing itself

The one

The force

Seeing itself through different eyes

Receiving itself through numerous antennas

And yet all at once

All right now

And so perhaps I’m no cause or effect of my own physical being

I am all of it

I am the light and the darkness

The good and the evil

I take responsibility for the crimes against life

And the godly creation of all

I am not separate

Not even an intricate piece of something larger

I’m only fooled by the shackles of this body

For my waves radiate far beyond

Effecting and causing itself over and over

More expansive than these endless blue waves

For I am not only I

Lest I am all of it

Even you

Reading this

Whether you know it yet or not

You are me

Experiencing you

And one day we shall fuse again

And be one.

No longer fooled by matter

Instead living through energy without bounds

And then we will finally no longer wander open seas

Directionless or lost

For then we will be home

See you soon babe

Till then, keep choosing light

Author: Rami Shafi

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