No Sweeter Pleasure

There is no sweeter pleasure
Than the sweet simple treasure
Of your face in the morning
Painted orange with light
Through the blinds the sun’s rays
Directing my gaze
To your soft skin and deep breaths
A breathtaking sight
You lost in your dreams
Oh where could you be
An eye twitch a lip glitch
You’re somewhere more free
Leaving body behind
Your mind wandering
I sit here in awe
Sitting here pondering
If I joined you in sleep
Could I meet you somehow
In the world of our minds
Darling where are you now
If I touch would you feel
Would you know that it’s me
Would you smile in your dream
Even though you can’t see
Do you know that I’m here
watching you in your travels
Keeping you safe from outside
as your adventure unravels
I love to just watch you
Just watching you breathe
Tracing your face with my eyes
I surely believe
There is no sweeter sweetness
Or pure satisfaction
Than you in your slumber
Your stillness in action
I want you I crave you
I need you for me
But I know that real loving
Is to just let you be
So sleep on my dear
Dream wildly for me
And return with some stories
From the land I can’t see

Author: Rami Shafi

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