I’m Here

I’m here
Here if you need me
And if you don’t
Here when you want me
And when you won’t
Here as an ear
And as a shoulder
Here to pass time
As we get a bit older
I’m here for the good times
And for the bad
I’m here for the moment
However it’s had
I’m here to laugh
And cry and scream
I’m here for worries
And here to dream
I’ll tell you you’re safe
When it seems to be scary
I’ll tell you go forth
If you seem to be wary
I’m here to inspire
To hold and to feel
I’m here to be certain
That something is real
I’m here to take notice
And ask you what’s wrong
I’m here to fill your days
With laugher and song
I’m here to dry tears
I’m here to coax smiles
I’m here to chase fears
And keep on them for miles
I’m here to speak truth
And offer my words
Though words are just melodies
For melodies, choose birds
I’m here to listen
And understand what we see
I’m here to appreciate
What it means to be
I’m here just like you
Also seeking someone there
Here to be loved
Here to give it and share
I’m here to be happy
And happy for you
To see you succeed
To see you do you
I’m here to fly
Or just to lay still
To hear each other’s heartbeat
Or race it uphill
I’m here for a moment
And not one second more
In this infinite present moment
Where I’ll be waiting
for you

Author: Rami Shafi


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