I’ll Try

I could tell you everything I want to tell you

But only you could choose to hear

I can tell you it will be okay

If you share with me your fears

I could wrap my arms around you

But only you could hold me back

I can dream about us

But only we can make us a reality

I could say that I love you

But only you can decide the weight of those words

I’ll send you off with goodnight

If you wake me with good morning

I’ll sing you to sleep

If you sleep in my arms

I could tell you why I love you

If you promise not to leave me feeling vulnerable

I can dance with you

If you can give in to the music and me

I could be yours forever

If you say yes and give yourself back

I could tell you that you have beautiful eyes

If you let me stare into them whenever I like

I could kiss you

If you meet me halfway

I can be your sun and stars

If you would be my moon

I could sing about my love for you

If you offered me a tune

I would protect and defend you

If you stayed by my side

I could be whatever you want

If you would be my pride

I promise to wipe away your tears

If you let me see you cry

I can’t promise to be everything you’ve ever wanted

But I promise you I’ll try

Author: Rami Shafi


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