I’ll Remember

I will never think of you as a shit person

Sure, we’ve lost something

But I’ll remember when we had a dream

When you saw what I saw

believed what I believed

Infinite possibility in the palm of our hand

When you trusted me enough to share a vision with me

Share a life with me

A simple truth

When you inspired me

When you trusted yourself to let you have fun with me

I’ll remember the totally wild and reckless abandon

Seeing laughter pour out of you like from an

Endless stream

On the back of a jet ski

Running full speed through the woods

Or dancing till the sun comes up

I’ll remember you in the music we’ve shared

I’ll remember your curiosity, your openness, your crave for adventure

I’ll remember your passion and fire

I’ll remember you crying because it’s all so beautiful

I’ll remember you wide-eyed

Yearning for more

Soaking it all in

I’ll remember your playfulness

I’ll remember you as baby

Cuddling to keep warm

Snuggling to keep safe

I’ll remember us fused

I’ll remember us as worms

I’ll remember feeding you popcorn on the kitchen floor, cross-legged and happy as a clam

I’ll remember you jumping in first with all your clothes on

I’ll remember the way you walk into the party

The way you look up when you dance

Cause you’re feelin yourself

I’ll remember the exact shape of you

Every curve crevice and the touch of your skin

The warmth of your body

I’ll remember your smell

The sound of your voice

The feeling of waking up to you

Of trusting you to be there

Your head on my shoulder and your legs tangled in mine

I’ll remember your excitement for a life that was ours

I’ll remember feeling powerful and infinite with you

That blissful youthful arrogance of feeling unstoppable

I’ll remember when you used to say yes

When you used to say hell yes

I’ll remember your wanderlust

Your lust for life

I’ll remember the way you move when you feel sexy

The look in your eyes when you want me

That devilish look that started it all

I’ll remember the way you look at yourself in the mirror

Chin pulled down, lips slightly pouted, eyes slightly squinted

Turning side to side to see yourself from all angles

I’ll remember you changing your outfit ten times before putting the first one back on

I’ll remember the look on your face when you’re inspired

In awe of the world around you

I’ll remember when you let me in

Sharing your mind and soul

Letting me see the true beauty inside

Uncensored, unscripted, raw and unfiltered

I’ll remember these things

Because this is why I love you

And this is how I will always

Always choose to remember you

Author: Rami Shafi


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