If I Wandered Out Tonight

If I wandered out tonight in search of something real
If I wandered out tonight to tell you how I feel
If I showed up on your doorstep to share a simple truth
Would you listen open heartedly remembering our youth
Would you ask me why I came or smile to see my face
Would you be thrilled we found each other once again in time and space
If I told you I was jealous and I said I want you back
Would you be happy or uncomfortable
How would that heart react
If I said I’m here to fight for you
To show you I was wrong
To say sorry for walking away before
By returning ten times strong
If I said its all or nothing
But I’m giving you a choice
Would you choose me?
Would you lose me?
What opinions would you voice?
If I told you you were worth it
And any price I’d pay
Would you make me wait for you my love
Or just come home today?
If I said that I was sorry
Would you tell me it’s okay
Or think of where it went wrong last time
And let that get in our way?
If I told you I was sorry
Then would you say sorry too
For our missteps in this tango
In this deadly dance of two
Would we put the past behind us
And from there just start anew
Would we strive until forever
For something beautiful and true
Or would you look at me on that doorstep
As just another option now
Instead of fate and a certain destiny
Which brought me back to you somehow
If I sacrifice my ego and my pride
For something real
To find myself back at your doorstep
Just to tell you how I feel
Would you prod and poke this heart
And wonder what’s wrong with this crazy boy
Or would you let me scoop you up and run
And just give in to joy
Will you just let me be good to you
And you be good to me
And this way we could share a life together
A beautiful life. You’ll see.

Author: Rami Shafi


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