Sometimes I wonder who I am. I get lost in questions trying to define my identity. Am I my name? Am I this body? Am I a collection of memories and thoughts? Am I energy? Its trivial to try to comprehend what we are in terms of what we will become once we die. Once our bodies decompose and our names are forgotten. But right now, I sit here watching a beautiful sunset and feeling the light breeze on my skin. I hear the voices of strangers all around me and the hustle and bustle of the city down below. I inhale fresh air and enjoy the explosion of flavor from the strawberry gum I just popped in my mouth. In front of me are some trees. I watch the same light breeze making their leaves dance and I wonder how nice it would be to be a tree. To live and die and never once have to question itself. A tree just is; it simply exists. But then I wonder, does a tree know how beautiful the world is? Does it know how beautiful itself is? The ability to think and be conscious is a curious thing. This mind of mine so full of questions which can at times be tormenting also recognizes the ocean of beauty all around me. And in this moment when I realize that I too am beautiful and an intricate part of this universal majesty, I know that nothing else matters. Who or what I am is relative and means very little. Whats important is that I am. I am here. I am now. So I decide to stop all of these thoughts and simply keep enjoying my sunset. But first and lastly, I think to myself… what a wonderful world!

Author: Rami Shafi


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