Good People

We make mistakes

We make the wrong decisions

We think we know what will make us happy

We seek the short term pleasures over long term fulfillment

We go right instead of left

We miss an exit

We miscommunicate

We hurt the people we love

We break a few hearts

We say the wrong things

We say the right things at the wrong time

We don’t say anything at all

We try to act like we don’t care

We think the problem is that we care too much

That is naïve immaturity. There is no such thing as caring too much

We try to do the right thing

And yet, we make mistakes

We learn, but often too late

At least we’re learning

We say things we don’t mean

We don’t realize that we don’t mean the things we say

We don’t realize what the things we say mean

We don’t realize that sometimes they are mean

What I mean to say is that we make mistakes

We try to be good people

Author: Rami Shafi

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