Fourth of July

I’ll never forget the sweet disposition of Fourth of July

Stars stripes and sparklers

Reflecting off the black asphalt

Music playing from the cars the way we used to do it

Doors open. Volume cranked

Headlights lighting up our stage

I’ll never forget dancing in the parking lot

Or running down high st to coliseum

Not because we were late but because walking did the night no justice

I’ll never forget how much beer we drank

Unless I already have

I’ll never forget little Natalie and her midnight shorts

Or Molly and her infectious laughter.

I’ll never forget the sweet disposition of the Fourth of July

It was the manifestation of wild and reckless youth.

And every time I hear the first few strums of that temper trap magic

I’m there

Once again

It’s Fourth of July

A warm summer night

I have a smile on my face

I’m running around an empty parking lot with people I love

Sweat soaked clothes

Sparklers in hand



Being free

Author: Rami Shafi

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