Feather in the Wind

I wish it wasn’t like a feather in the wind
The way I feel about you
I wish it was something heavier
Something more solid
I wish I could know where it was going
I guess that’s part of the adventure though
The delicacy
The mystery and spontaneity
The incoming breeze must chuckle at my perplexity
Watching me chase stray feathers
Confused but persistent
As it weaves it’s thread into my life
Creating for me this fabric of my existence
This unpredictable wind of circumstance can easily rule the unaware
I must be careful to keep my eye on the feather
Cutting through the wind to my prize instead of being blown off course
As helpless as the lost fragments of your wings
Fighting to replace this reactive habit with a proactive assertiveness
Or perhaps just being wise enough to know that one should not waste time chasing feathers in the wind
The feather is only a feeling
A natural response
Chasing the abstract effect is exhausting and lacking of direction
I must keep my eye on the prize but focus my energy towards the source
No amount of captured feathers can lift someone off the ground
I must find these beautiful shedding wings
I must find you. I must find you wherever you are with your handfuls of feathers that you toss into the swirling current
I must listen and trace the wind back to you
Then we can chuckle at the wind as it caresses our endless stream of feathers
Then we can strap our feathers to our backs and fly
Soaring through the sky with certainty
And from up here, I sort of love how the way I feel about you is as delicate and precious as a feather in the wind
This wild wind which now, soaring at unimaginable speeds,
Just feels so good on both of our faces

Author: Rami Shafi


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