Everlasting Moment


I long for that timeless hypnosis of you

Your intoxicating energy vibrating my soul

The moment when our naked bodies touch

Sending shockwaves to my core

Your smell is provocative

It hits me like a drug

Emotionally stoned. Physically aroused.

Spiritually awakened.

Your aura is powerful

It heightens my senses

I want to kiss you always

Lick you everywhere

Slow things down as my heart speeds up

In a never ending loop of time and space

That is all you

Me in you

And you in me

And no difference in between

I want to lose sight of myself

And resonate with something larger

Something more wholesome

Blind to logic and reason

Yet making more sense than both

Those ecstatic sensational titillations

That stimulate our nerves

And shake us awake from monotony

I want to get dizzy sweaty stupid

In a lust filled madness

Yet paced and long and dragged out

Til we’re gasping for breath

Reborn through that trembling explosion

Connected from everything leading up to it

And revitalized by the sweet moments after

When our minds reset

And our bodies fight for baseline

Defibrillated by one another

All too human and primal and real

I want to hear your heartbeat

As I feel my blood pulse my veins

Conjoin all our breaths

Inhale your exhale

Having died our two deaths

Four rhythms in harmony

Two bodies well spent

One everlasting moment

That came where we went

Author: Rami Shafi


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