Don’t Wait

So often in life we catch ourselves waiting. Waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect opportunity. We wait to have enough money, we wait till we can put the words together to say exactly what we feel without betraying ourselves, we wait to do the things we want in order to do them “the right way.” Don’t wait darling. The perfectionist can spend his whole life waiting along with the cowardly and insecure. Life is about the imperfections. We learn our way not by waiting, but by doing. So don’t be passive with the gift of life. The perfect time is the time that you have and time that you have is now. It’s the only opportunity that we can count on. The opportunity of today. Dreams on hold are wasted energy. Turn your dreams into goals. Abandon security and trust yourself. Quit the job you hate. Take what you have and go travel. If you love someone, tell them. Approach the unfamiliar with excitement and breathe in as much of the universe as possible. Don’t shy away from making decisions. Make them often and make them boldly. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Don’t wait. Today is your day.

Author: Rami Shafi

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