I like you when you’re here

You’re all mine

My little sweet fixation

I’m comfortable with you

You relax me

Give me a high like no one else

But then you’re gone

Just as fast as you came

And I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth

Wondering how I can savor this feeling without destroying myself

Wondering how I can love something so much that causes me so much pain

Are the temporary pleasures worth the permanent damage?

Stress and suffering seduce the soul

Reduce its years, produce a hole

A love like this is no love at all

Just an unrequited infatuation of an illusory satisfaction

Which will release its grip and lose all its traction

Causing a realization of the need of my action

Let go of this drug and forget this attachment

Before my insides turn black and my outsides grow frail

You are my addiction my dear and I must say goodbye

Don’t need you or cigarettes to help me to die

Author: Rami Shafi

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