Cheers to old friends and new trends
To childhood nostalgias
Where the sidewalk ends
Cheers to changing tides and switching rides
To rollercoaster lifestyles that shake your insides
Cheers to the first one and cheers to the last
Cheers to our present, future, and past
Cheers to our youth and it slipping away
Cheers to the lessons we’ve learned to this day
Cheers to prosperity
Cheers to despair
Cheers to humanity whenever it’s there
Cheers to long stares or short awkward glances
Cheers to discomfort with no second chances
Cheers to the unknown, the source of our fear
Cheers to this moment, this lifetime, this year
Cheers to the next round
The one that we need
To forget all the bullshit
In this quest to succeed
Cheers to goodbyes
Cheers to hard cries
Cheers to pep talks and long walks and white lies
Cheers to trying new things
Onwards and forwards
Cheers to the silence
While in struggle for more words
Cheers cheers cheers
Now surely we’re drunk
And high off of life
Won’t remember what we thunk
But we’ll wake up tomorrow
Heads pounding hearts throbbing
And still raise our glasses
Half laughing half sobbing
Cheers to you
My friend who reads this
To a life filled with happiness, wisdom, and bliss
May you cheers, may you cheers
May you cheer when you cheers
And when your glass runs empty
I’ll be here with two beers

Author: Rami Shafi

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