Best Friend First

You’re a special one

Together we break the rules

Together we rebel

Together we’re fools

Together we’ll excel

With you I’m comfortable

With you its easy

With you there’s no judgement

I’m allowed to just be

You let me be me

I want the same for you

To see you succeed

In all things that you do

Your my partner in crime

My confidante

My distraction from time

And the one that I want

We die alone

That’s the truth

But we live together

Throughout this youth

When I need someone

You’re always there

To listen, encourage

And show that you care

You keep things so simple

That’s something I love

If asked where my heart’s at

It’s you I’d think of

Whatever this is

It’s a kind of magic

You’re my best friend first

My lover second

Author: Rami Shafi

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