Allways Stationary. Allways Moving.

I do believe that movement is life

And yet

Sometimes I find myself so stationary

Stuck in a period

An idea

A person

I was a seed when I met her

And in her I found my grounding

Spreading my roots deep

From there growing strong

Reaching new heights and lengths

Blossoming into something beautiful

I never even knew was inside of myself

Learning new truths

Finding new lights

Accepting light I never knew was available to me

Turning my face towards the sun

Bearing fruits of love, happiness, joy

Of sadness, struggle, sacrifice

Finding a wholesome existence

In harmony with everything around me

Yet always rooted in her soul

Finding myself through her reflections

Trusting her to keep me watered

Growing up and down all at once

Expanding into the world

Through the conscious and subconscious

Through the spoken and unspoken

Through reality and dreams

Experiencing all changes

Except for where I’m sourced

And so to be uprooted

Feeling like I need her earth

Missing the home that made me

Yearning for her nourishment

Now having to believe everything she taught me

I will grow where I’m planted

So now I find balance

Between the expected and the unexpected

My wants and my needs

The darkness of the ground

And the light of the air

Enjoying the breeze

Letting it sway my leaves

Letting it open

And continue to open

As the seasons will change

And with them do I

Learning not to fear my nakedness

For soon I shall bloom

Damaged but beautiful

Crooked but perfect

And again and again

And around we will go

Always stationary

Always moving

Author: Rami Shafi

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